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Lilly: Great, that you have picked me befitting. You deserve a reward today. I’ll let you lick my dirty Nike sneakers clean today. Lick the dirt from my shoes. I want the sneakers to look like new in 5 minutes. Start now, maybe I’ll have

After the pretty Leehanna has taken off her sexy high heels, she lets her slave lick her bare feet. He should use his tongue as a washcloth for her salty-tasting soles. The foot slave has to clean her feet completely . Lady Leehana likes to

English: Today we have a nice greeting from Miss Leehanna from the tanning salon. I believe that Miss Leehanna will have beautiful brown feet after sunbathing. Her brown feet are a perfect match for her nail polish. Deutsch: Heute haben wir einen lieben Gruß von Miss Leehanna aus

Miss Elsi Spring removes her stockings and orders her footslave to lick her sweaty bare feet. She wants him to run his worthless tongue over her moist soles. She loves to watch a guy who adores her feet and gets turned on by her feet. 

Sweet gothic Mistress Miss Elsi wants you to get on your knees and to adore her black gothic heels. She wants you to lick the top her shoes and to clean the bottom of her shoes with your worthless tongue . Well you be a

The slave is not allowed to play with the Playstation again today. He's only allowed to lick Miss Lilly's bare feet. He has to kneel at the foot of the couch, take off their socks and lick their soles from top to bottom. Miss Lilly

Miss Elsi Spring spring removes her shoes and socks and rubs her sweaty, bare feet on her slaves face. Must be a pleasure to have her smelly moist soles on face and to inhale the scent. She sits full weight on him and relaxes her