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Goddess Sheila: After cheerleader training, I’m happy when I can take off my sneakers and relax my feet. A massage would be nice now. I need a foot slave who massages my feet and removes sweat from my socks. I want you to massage my

Goddess Sheila: After the foot slave has licked my shoes, he of course still has to lick the sweat from my bare soles. When I meet my friends in the shisha bar, I don't want to have sweaty feet. I take advantage of the situation

After the foot slave had the honor of being able to lie under my smelly sneaker socks, he can now lie under my bare feet. I use it as a human footrest for my bare, beautiful feet. He is ignored under my feet. I press

Goddess Sheila: I want to go to the shisha bar with my friends and unfortunately my favorite summer shoes are dirty. How good that there are foot slaves who lick the dirty soles of your shoes clean. He has to lick the dirt off my

Goddess Sheila: I have something particularly tasty for you here: My dirty high heels. The dirt of the clubs, puddles and the women's toilet sticks to the soles. You will lick it clean with your worthless slave tongue. Out with the rag! Lick it clean!

Miss Kitten and Princess Alena: After the slave has kissed and licked the high heels, he will now spoil our bare feet. He should lick and massage our bare, tired feet. He has to suck our toes at the same time and massage the other

Princess Serena: I am now letting the slave suffer under my bare feet. I take off my stinky socks and press my wet soles on the slave’s face. My feet cover his nose and mouth so that he can no longer breathe. I also stuff

Princess Serena: It’s hot, I’m sweating, my dusty socks stink. I sit on my slave and press my stinky socks into his slave’s face. I let the slave suffer under my socks, with all my strength I press my feet hard on his face. I

Miss Ivy: The foot slave also offers itself as a living footrest, as my human footstool. I take off my sneakers and place my warm sneaker socks directly on his slave’s face. He can inhale the scent of my wet sneaker socks and enjoy the