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Miss Kitten and Miss Alena: slave, over here. Come on, sink at our feet. We want to see you on your knees. We will now take off our socks and you will spoil our feet. You will lick every toe. You will clean the spaces

I show the slave his place today. His place is under my feet. With pleasure I press my bare feet into his face. He needs that foot pressure, I think he’s addicted to the foot pressure. I give him what he needs and I enjoy

Are you hot for sweaty socks? Are you a fan of a hot lady pressing her stinky feet into your face? Miss Lilly lets her slaves take off her clean licked sneakers and spoil her damp, stinky socks. He should push his slave  nose deep

I heard that you like to be a living bath mat. You love it when you are used like a carpet and ignored. Lie on the floor in the bathroom and I’ll crush you under my feet. I pressed my sweaty feet directly into your

Marinka pins a victim on the floor and sits on him … she treats him like a worthless weak loser and she shows him his place in this world …UNDER HER FEET. LOSERS LIKE HIM belongs under female feet!…

I’m going to sit on my slave’s face now. I have a sexy bikini on and the slave is going to have a great time under my ass. I will sit him absolutely flat. I will ride his face. I will jump around on my

You little loser. You nothing. You miserable creature. You will adore my ass. Lick my ass and kiss my ass. pass my ass and adore my ass. I may sit on your face and use you as a human cushion. Take a good look at

Sweet Mistress Marinka has her footslave, or footfetish to her feet. She puts both feet are on her slaves face und presses with all the power she has. She tries to put the full weight on her slave face to stop his breathing. Finally she

Well, are you keen on my old slippers, or are you horny for my bare feet with the painted toenails. Do you like the pink painted toenails? I wore my slippers for 5 years, you can see my footprints on the insoles. The insole is

Now my bare, unwashed feet are licked clean. As a greeting, I have the dusty socks kissed and licked. Then my socks are removed and I let the foot slave suck my bare, fragrant feet. I keep brushing my hair while the slave is allowed