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The living carpet: The sporty Miss Leehanna uses her living carpet today. The slave himself had applied to become Lehanna’s living carpet. Today she tests different shoes on him. Today he becomes Leehanna’s carpet under her fragrant ballet flats  and under her black Nike sports

The pretty, sporty Miss Leehanna is crushing you under her dirty sneaker soles today. Look up at her and enjoy how you are crushed by the sporty lady. It will destroy your slave’s face and crush you like a worm. Fantastic crushing and trampling action

Miss Lilly uses her foot slave as a living footrest. After visiting a friend, she takes off her shoes and presses her stinky socks into his face. He has to inhale her foot sweat while Lilly ignores her slave and chats with her friend. Miss

After the foot slave of Princess Nedda A. has taken off her sneakers, he can lick and adore her beautiful, moist socks. He is allowed to suck the sweat out of the princesses  socks and massage their feet with the tongue. The princess watches the

Today you will be kicked flat under Lilly’s feet. She takes off her sweaty socks in front of your eyes and lifts her bare, wet soles over your useless face. She kicks her bare feet and will destroy you under her feet. She laughs at