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Miss Elsi Spring removes her gothic heels and stomps your face under her bare feet. Look up loser, look what’s coming down on your face. Her sexy, moist soles right on your face!! She presses hard on your face and tramples you. She twists your

Miss Elsi Spring removes her shoes and presses her bare, moist feet on her slaves mouth and nose. She mothers him underwear bare feet. For her he is only a toy and a human footstool. Her sexy , cute feet cover the face of the

You little loser will lick dirty feet today! Miss Lilly will smoke another cigarette and then go down to her feetand lick. Clean her sexy, dirty feet with your worthless tongue. Your tongue is once against the washcloths for the feet of the lady. You

Leehannas slave  first has to kiss the filthy Adidas sneakers and greet them dignifiedly. Then you can take off Leehanna’s shoes and inhale the smell of her feet in her shoes. The first main task will be to smell the scent of her socks and

Ebony Mistress Yolanta wants the new footslave to get on his knees and to worship, to kiss and lick her silver heels. She orders him to lick the insoles of her shoes and the he starts to worship her big bare feet over and over.

Lilly: Great, that you have picked me befitting. You deserve a reward today. I’ll let you lick my dirty Nike sneakers clean today. Lick the dirt from my shoes. I want the sneakers to look like new in 5 minutes. Start now, maybe I’ll have