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  Dominant Miss Lilly removes her sneakers and she tramples her human carpet under her bare feet. She jumps on his body and she stands full weight on his face. She love to watch the guy suffer under her weight and feet. She loves his moaning

  Sexy Miss Lilly tramples her new human carpet under her old, smelly and dirty sneakers. She spits on him and rubs the spit with her sneakers on his face or she spits into his open mouth. She loves to walk on her victim. She crushes

  Miss Lilly wants her slave to lick her precious feet. Miss Lilly takes off her stockings and ties them around the slave's neck. She presses her sweaty feet into his face and he licks the salt off her feet like a dog. She spits on

  Dark Mistress Lady Absinthia uses her human footstool to relax and for her gothic boots. After removing her boots she orders the footslave to lick her sweaty bare feet and to swallow her spit. She spits  on her bare moist feet and wants him to

  After meeting Miss Lilly near by the Lady House, the new footslave has to remove her nike sneakers and he starts to worship her dusty and smelly socks. She rubs her smelly white socks on her slaves face and she orders him to lick lick