Miss Absinthia

About her

Miss Leehanna is a sexy and cool lady. The black-haired beauty has a great body and a wonderful ass. She loves her tanned skin and glaring nail polish on the nails of her toes. She generally likes bright colors and everything black. She likes to stand at her DJ mixing desk. She plays house music and electro beats. Of her slaves she likes to lick the soles of the feet and loves it especially, if one nibbles at her heels. She loves high heels and likes to wear flip flops at home. For fragrance fetishists, she likes to wear ballet flats. Then she rubs her sweaty soles over the slave’s tongue…..

Special abnormalities: She has very slender feet and her tanned skin goes well with the bright colors of her nail polish.

Miss Leehanna ist eine sexy und coole Lady. Die schwarzhaarige Schönheit hat einen tollen Köper und einen wundervollen Arsch. Sie liebt ihre gebräunte haut und grellen Nagellack auf den Nägeln ihrer Zehen. Sie mag allgemein grelle Farben und alles was Schwarz ist. Sie steht gerne an ihrem DJ Mischpult. Sie leibt house musik und elektro beats. Von ihren Sklaven läßt sie sich gerne die Fußsohlen lecken und mag es besonders, wenn man an ihren Fersen knabbert. Sie liebt High Heels und trägt zuhause gerne Flip Flops. Für Duft-Fetischisten trägt sie auch mal gerne Ballet flats. Dann reibt sie ihre verschwitzen Fußsohlen über die Sklaven Zunge.

Besondere Auffälligkeiten: Sie hat besonders schlanke Füße und ihre gebräunte Haut passt sehr zu den leuchtenden Farben ihres Nagellackes.

Additional Informations

170 cm

Hair Color:

38 EU / 7 US / foot length  23,7 cm



What you could expect

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Behind the scenes

Miss Leehanna send you greetings from the mixer again. Today she played a lot of house music again. Fancy a

Miss Leehanna drives to you, to her slave and when she enters your apartment, you kiss her boots and her

Miss Leehanna is preparing for the foot slave session. Today she will torture her slave hard with her feet and

English: Today we have a nice greeting from Miss Leehanna from the tanning salon. I believe that Miss Leehanna will have

Miss Leehanna sends a sweet greeting directly from the DJ mixer. Electronic beats and good house music make you very

Video News

Today I flatten the slave face under my feet. Today I take my breath away with my beautiful feet. I

“The loser should lick my beautiful black boots today. I often go to electro parties with my boots. I love

I kick the loser’s face hard today. Dominant slaps in the face with my bare feet. I trample him and

Leehanna loves to spit on her slave's face and rub her sweaty feet through his slave face. Leehanna sits on

The pretty, sporty Miss Leehanna is crushing you under her dirty sneaker soles today. Look up at her and enjoy

Photo News

Sporty Miss Leehanna wants the footslave to worship her dirty ballet flats and her sweaty bare feet.  

I press my bare feet hard on the victim's face. This will be your place in the future: under my

Miss Leehanna presses her smelly socks hard on the victims face      

Miss Leehanna shows off her well worn flip flops for you. She also wants you to lick her soles. The

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