Miss Elsi

About her

The pretty alternative gothgirl Elsi  has a wonderful, slightly arrogant way of subjugating her slave. She likes to rub her sweaty, natural feet over the face of a foot slave. It is a pleasure to lick the salty sweat from the bare soles of the feet. Miss Elsi  loves acting, she makes her own films and she enjoys experimenting. Elsi’s delicious feet are a must for anyone who likes natural feet without nail polish. Elsi also sells her used shoes and she knows that slaves are content with their old, stinky shoes….

Special abnormalities: Miss Elsi has particularly sweaty feet and a wonderful scent.

Das hübsche alternative Gothicgirl Elsi  hat eine wundervolle, leicht arrogante Art ihre Sklave zu unterwerfen. Gerne reibt sie ihre verschwitzen, natürlichen Füße über das Gesicht eines Fußsklaven. Es ist ein Genuß den salzigen Schweiß von den nackten Fußsohlen zu lecken. Miss Elsi  liebt das Schauspiel, sie macht eigene Filme und experimentiert gerne. Elsis leckere Füße sind ein Muß für alle , die natürliche Füße mögen, ohne Nagellack. Elsi verkauft auch ihre gebrauchen Schuhe und sie weiß, dass sich Sklaven an ihren alten, stinkigen Schuhen befriedigen…

Besondere Auffälligkeiten: Miss Elsi hat besonders verschwitze Füße und einen wundervollen Duft.

Additional Informations

163 cm

Hair Color:
colored red or black

40 EU / 8.5 US / foot length  25 cm



What you could expect

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Behind the scenes

Men only get my foot in their slave face. I only feel love for my cute cat. You, little loser,

Video News

  Miss Elsi: The slave licks my house socks clean. Dirt, dust and everything that stuck to the floor is on and

Miss Elsi: Lick my boots clean! The slave has the honor of licking one of my favorite pairs of boots clean

Miss Elsi: He must ask my forgiveness and submissively kiss my feet. The slave made another mistake. Now he has to

Miss Elsi Spring: You will go to the end of the bed and spoil my feet. If you’re lucky, I’ll

I show the slave his place today. His place is under my feet. With pleasure I press my bare feet

Photo News

The worthless slave has to worship Miss Elsi´s dirty gothic boots. He has to lick and clean her dirty soles.

Miss Elsi Spring shows him where his place is: under her feet. Elsi Spring loves to push her bare feet

Miss Elsi Spring wants you to worship her old ballet flats  

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