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After the foot slave had the honor of being able to lie under my smelly sneaker socks, he can now lie under my bare feet. I use it as a human footrest for my bare, beautiful feet. He is ignored under my feet. I press

Princess Serena: It’s hot, I’m sweating, my dusty socks stink. I sit on my slave and press my stinky socks into his slave’s face. I let the slave suffer under my socks, with all my strength I press my feet hard on his face. I

Miss Elsi Spring: You will go to the end of the bed and spoil my feet. If you’re lucky, I’ll take off my socks and you can spoil and worship my bare feet. I’ll ignore you in time and chat with my girlfriend. Woe you

Miss Lilly uses her foot slave as a living footrest. After visiting a friend, she takes off her shoes and presses her stinky socks into his face. He has to inhale her foot sweat while Lilly ignores her slave and chats with her friend. Miss

19 yo Girl Marinka forces him to worship and suck her dirty chucks, her smelly pink socks and her sweaty bare soles. What a sweet dominant young mistress. The bitchy young girl uses him to wash her shoes …she wants him to clean them and

Miss Leehanna lets her slave lick her bare feet today while she continues to play Playstation. After he has sucked her sweaty socks, he can take off his socks and lick her bare, wet feet. She completely ignores him, Leehanna just wants to feel his

Sweet Miss Lilly relaxes on the bed and all HE wants is to sniff an lick her feet. He sneaks to her bed and starts cleaning the soles of her nike sneakers and to sniff inside her shoes. Then he starts licking the sweat off