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Today I flatten the slave face under my feet. Today I take my breath away with my beautiful feet. I sit on the body of the slave and flatten his lungs with my ass. It is already difficult for him to breathe. Then I press

“The loser should lick my beautiful black boots today. I often go to electro parties with my boots. I love these boots. The slave has to lick my soles clean. He has to clean every inch of his boots with his worthless tongue. Do you

I kick the loser’s face hard today. Dominant slaps in the face with my bare feet. I trample him and stand on him. I like to put my bare, fragrant foot directly on his face. He should feel my weight, enjoy the slaps with his

The pretty, sporty Miss Leehanna is crushing you under her dirty sneaker soles today. Look up at her and enjoy how you are crushed by the sporty lady. It will destroy your slave’s face and crush you like a worm. Fantastic crushing and trampling action

Miss Leehanna lets her slave lick her bare feet today while she continues to play Playstation. After he has sucked her sweaty socks, he can take off his socks and lick her bare, wet feet. She completely ignores him, Leehanna just wants to feel his