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Marinka pins a victim on the floor and sits on him … she treats him like a worthless weak loser and she shows him his place in this world …UNDER HER FEET. LOSERS LIKE HIM belongs under female feet!…

Sweet Mistress Marinka has her footslave, or footfetish to her feet. She puts both feet are on her slaves face und presses with all the power she has. She tries to put the full weight on her slave face to stop his breathing. Finally she

Sweet Mistress Marinka wants a footslave to worship her feet after watching Germany lost the Euro Semi-Final on TV. She wants him to smell her shoes and her bare sweaty feet. Go lick her bare feet suck her heels and each smell toe.  

Sexy Lady Marinka want to relax on the bed and she allows her footslave to take off her silver heels and to worship her sexy goddess like feet. He cares about each of her toes. He kisses her feet hot and and all his passion.He

19 yo Girl Marinka forces him to worship and suck her dirty chucks, her smelly pink socks and her sweaty bare soles. What a sweet dominant young mistress. The bitchy young girl uses him to wash her shoes …she wants him to clean them and