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Miss Lilly: The miserable slave has to lick Miss Lilly’s spit off her feet again today and she spits directly into his face. She rubs her spit on his face and she wants the slave to swallow her spit. The slave has to lick her spit

Miss Kitten: A slave has to lie at my feet. I’ll sit over him and I’ll use him. My old flip flops are dusty. The sole is dirty, the insole is smeared and sweaty. He will now lick my flip flops clean. He has to

Goddess Sheila: I want to go to the shisha bar with my friends and unfortunately my favorite summer shoes are dirty. How good that there are foot slaves who lick the dirty soles of your shoes clean. He has to lick the dirt off my

Goddess Sheila: I have something particularly tasty for you here: My dirty high heels. The dirt of the clubs, puddles and the women's toilet sticks to the soles. You will lick it clean with your worthless slave tongue. Out with the rag! Lick it clean!

Miss Kitten & Princess Alena: We are both princesses and we will never clean our shoes alone. We always have a foot servant, or a foot slave. The foot slave has to lick our shoes clean today. Kitten wears her very used Doc Martens. The

Sweet Mistress Marinka wants a footslave to worship her feet after watching Germany lost the Euro Semi-Final on TV. She wants him to smell her shoes and her bare sweaty feet. Go lick her bare feet suck her heels and each smell toe.