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Sweet Miss Ivy shows off her bare feet size 38 A likeable, young lady with particularly beautiful long legs. Miss Ivy has tender and soft feet, shoe size 38. Her long toes are adorable and kissable. Her beautiful long, brunette hair is also striking. Miss Ivy

Lilly: Great, that you have picked me befitting. You deserve a reward today. I’ll let you lick my dirty Nike sneakers clean today. Lick the dirt from my shoes. I want the sneakers to look like new in 5 minutes. Start now, maybe I’ll have

Cute, dominant Miss Serena dominates and tramples the worthless slave and living floor under her dirty sneakers. She jumps on him and tramples his face … she walks on him and kicks his face under the very dirty soles of her old sneakers. She does

  Sexy Miss Lilly tramples her new human carpet under her old, smelly and dirty sneakers. She spits on him and rubs the spit with her sneakers on his face or she spits into his open mouth. She loves to walk on her victim. She crushes

Miss Serena feeds her slaves today with marshmallow mice and the filth of her feet and foot sweat. The mistress packs the sweets under her soles, in her socks. In addition, she packs marshmallow mice in her stinky, old sneakers. Then the pretty mistress goes for a

A  dirty sneakers cleaning session with the merciless , young mistress Serena.  Miss Serena orders the leashed slave to clean the dirty soles of her old sneakers with his tongue. She she kicks him and she slams her shoe  into his face, while she orders