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Goddess Sheila: After cheerleader training, I’m happy when I can take off my sneakers and relax my feet. A massage would be nice now. I need a foot slave who massages my feet and removes sweat from my socks. I want you to massage my

Miss Ivy: The foot slave also offers itself as a living footrest, as my human footstool. I take off my sneakers and place my warm sneaker socks directly on his slave’s face. He can inhale the scent of my wet sneaker socks and enjoy the

Miss Kitten and Princess Alena: After the slave licked our shoes clean, after we can go to the festival again with clean shoes, the slave can now suck our socks. He should lick our sweat from our socks. He should wash our socks with his

Miss Kitten: I love it when a slave licks my feet. But it is the first time that a slave licks my socks. I see how he enjoys the smell of sweat and how he sucks the salt from my socks. First he has to

Kitten and Alena: Today is the first time that we have a foot slave together. Kitten likes to rent a slave at gothic and fetish parties to keep their shoes clean, but today we use a slave together. The slave must be at our feet

Are you hot for sweaty socks? Are you a fan of a hot lady pressing her stinky feet into your face? Miss Lilly lets her slaves take off her clean licked sneakers and spoil her damp, stinky socks. He should push his slave  nose deep

Today he should suck the dust and sweat out of my sock. So I take off my Adidas sneakers and let the slave smell my fragrant socks. His anticipation is growing. Now I allow him to lick my socks and suck out the dust and

Today I flatten the slave face under my feet. Today I take my breath away with my beautiful feet. I sit on the body of the slave and flatten his lungs with my ass. It is already difficult for him to breathe. Then I press

Miss Lilly uses her foot slave as a living footrest. After visiting a friend, she takes off her shoes and presses her stinky socks into his face. He has to inhale her foot sweat while Lilly ignores her slave and chats with her friend. Miss

After the foot slave of Princess Nedda A. has taken off her sneakers, he can lick and adore her beautiful, moist socks. He is allowed to suck the sweat out of the princesses  socks and massage their feet with the tongue. The princess watches the