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Mistress Maria J .: I love to watch a foot slave lick my feet. I like to see how he enjoys licking the sweat off

Miss Kitten and Miss Alena: slave, over here. Come on, sink at our feet. We want to see you on your knees. We will now

Today I flatten the slave face under my feet. Today I take my breath away with my beautiful feet. I sit on the body of

Miss Lilly visits you again today, because today wants to use you to her satisfaction. She will sit on the worthless slave face and ride

Princess Serena & Goddess Sheila: It’s time to test and try our new living carpet. We want to try out whether it is tread-proof under

19 yo Miss Kinga: There is nothing hotter for a foot slave than licking off the foot sweat of his young mistress. I let him take my

19 yo Miss Kinga: I get my Converse sneakers licked clean. I’ll make it short and sweet: My Converse sneakers, which I wore to the last

Miss Lilly lets a slave lick her dirty sneakers clean. He can kneel in front of her and she announces that he will now lick

Now my bare, unwashed feet are licked clean. As a greeting, I have the dusty socks kissed and licked. Then my socks are removed and

The foot slave, the human footstool gets today Lilly’s sweaty, bare feet in the face. Miss Lilly takes off her socks and presses her bare

Miss Serena removes her shoes and wants the loser to worship her sweaty pantyhose feet. She loves to wear  pantyhose and she loves the color

Goddess Sheila: After the slave has licked my dirty boots clean, he can now take care of my sweaty sokens. He’s allowed to smell my boots

Goddess Sheila: I like to vent my aggressions on a foot slave. This time I stand on the slave with my full weight and slap

Pretty and cheeky Miss Lilly kicks you into your slaves face today with her filthy Nike sneakers. Lilly has a great desire today to crush

Sexy Lady Marinka want to relax on the bed and she allows her footslave to take off her silver heels and to worship her sexy

Miss Yolanta suffocates her slave today under her big, bare feet. She sits on his body and presses both soles hard on his face and

Miss Eagle & Miss Anna: We both would like to use slaves as human carpets. Today we would like to practice how to ruthlessly walk

  Dominant Miss Lilly removes her sneakers and she tramples her human carpet under her bare feet. She jumps on his body and she stands full

Miss Karey: He’s licking my dusty socks. I am using the foot slave for the first time and after he has licked my street boots

Miss Eagle : I don’t put my feet on the ground. Between my feet and the floor I wedge a slave’s face. My foot slave

Leehanna loves to spit on her slave's face and rub her sweaty feet through his slave face. Leehanna sits on her slave and spits on

  Miss Elsi: The slave licks my house socks clean. Dirt, dust and everything that stuck to the floor is on and under my house socks. The

Princess Serena: You have 5 minutes to lick my feet clean. Walk through the hallway once and my feet are dirty. Look at those dirty soles

Princess Serena: I now sit hard on his slave’s face. He can smell my pussy while I take his breath away. Maybe my pussy is

Today you will be kicked flat under Lilly’s feet. She takes off her sweaty socks in front of your eyes and lifts her bare, wet

Princess Alena: Ever since I discovered my dominant side, I have wanted to have a foot slave. As a princess I have the natural right

Goddess Sheila: After doing sports I like to use foot slaves who lick my dirty sports shoes clean and my feet in general. I will

A  dirty sneakers cleaning session with the merciless , young mistress Serena.  Miss Serena orders the leashed slave to clean the dirty soles of her

19 yo Girl Marinka forces him to worship and suck her dirty chucks, her smelly pink socks and her sweaty bare soles. What a sweet

Goddess Sheila: Crawl to me and kiss my feet! I’ll show you how to greet me now. You will crawl to me and kiss my feet.

Miss Eagle: I love to watch the foot slave suffer under my feet. I press my bare soles into his slave’s face and squeeze hard.

Miss Elsi: He must ask my forgiveness and submissively kiss my feet. The slave made another mistake. Now he has to crawl to me on his

Princess Alena: Since I can now use the foot slave, I still have some tasks for him. I love my fetish lacquer sneakers. I love

You little loser can kiss and lick my hot ass right away. Do you like my hot hotpan? Are you really horny for my ass?

Lady Anastasia: The first time that a foot slave licks my pretty, sexy feet! I am a beautiful lady and I love to drive men crazy

Princess Alena: After the slave cleaned my patent leather sneakers with his tongue, it is now my bare feet. He has to take off my

Miss Karey: For the first time a slave licks my bare feet. It’s time for my first time 🙂 The slave will now take off my

Goddess Sheila: Miss Maria wants to be my leashed sock bitch! I am having a new experience today. Miss Maria is a switcher lady. She

Madame Moraigh: The slave licks my dirty boots clean! After a walk in the woods and a long train journey, my boots are dirty. The soles

Madame Moraigh: Massage my sweaty feet with your tongue, slave! I call my foot licker and tell him about my long day at work and that

  Dark Mistress Lady Absinthia uses her human footstool to relax and for her gothic boots. After removing her boots she orders the footslave to lick

Miss Elsi Spring spring removes her shoes and socks and rubs her sweaty, bare feet on her slaves face. Must be a pleasure to have

Goddess Sheila & Princess Serena : After the slave has licked our dirty shoes and stinky socks clean, he can now pamper our sweet and

19 yo Miss Kinga: I’ll have my bare feet licked now and you’ll watch. I now take off my school socks and press my bare feet

The pretty princess Nedda A. lets you lick her bare little feet today. She takes off her slippers and holds out her small, sweaty feet

Goddess Sheila: Now I’ll fuck his mouth with my bare feet! The loser shines under me as my footrest and I use his head to take

Gothic Goddess Lady Absinthia loves to watch guys licking her feet. She removes her boots and orders the footslave to lick and sniff her black

Princess Serena: I’m wearing my favorite sneakers today. I wear these Adidas sneakers almost every day, even when playing football. The sneakers smell strong and

Sexy Miss Serena removes her old sneakers and she wants the worthless loser to sniff her old , stinky socks. She wants the slave to

Goddess Sheila: After cheerleader training, I’m happy when I can take off my sneakers and relax my feet. A massage would be nice now. I

I’m going to sit on my slave’s face now. I have a sexy bikini on and the slave is going to have a great time

Goddess Sheila: I want to go to the shisha bar with my friends and unfortunately my favorite summer shoes are dirty. How good that there

Marinka pins a victim on the floor and sits on him … she treats him like a worthless weak loser and she shows him his

I am your princess and I will relax on the terrace today. Of course you will spoil my feet here too. You’ll smell and lick

Princess Serena: Lick and sniff my dirty, smelly sneakers. The leashed slave has to reach out to me on all fours and lick my dirty sneakers

Goddess Sheila: I have my human bed mat on a leash and will now torture him under my stinky socks. I treat myself to a

Princess Alena: After my pleaser high heels, you, my foot slave, can now lick my bare feet. You will kiss my bare feet from above,

The pretty, sporty Miss Leehanna is crushing you under her dirty sneaker soles today. Look up at her and enjoy how you are crushed by

Goddess Sheila: I’ve got my slave on a leash and now I’m getting a few punishing kicks. I let him suffer under my feet and

Miss Lilly comes by again to show her slave where he belongs. She wants something to drink and then submits to him in the bedroom.

Miss Eagle & Miss Anna: A good place for a slave is also under our socks. In any case, we use slaves as human footrests. We take

Goddess Sheila: I hope the dirt on my slippers tasted good to the slave? Now he can enjoy the taste of my bare feet. He

Princess Alena: I love my role as a dominant elf. Cosplay is one of my hobbies, the leashed foot slave is ordered at my feet.

Dark Queen Lady Absinthia removes her red knee high boots and order you to lick the sweat and her spit off her bare sexy feet.

Miss Karey: A licking tongue under my socks. A human footrest is proactic for any lady. I can warm my feet on it and have

Sweet Marinka plays a footsmother game with her victim now. She starts sitting on him and she presses both of her sweet soles hard on

After I had my sock licked clean, the foot slave now has to lick the sweat off my feet. I rub my bare soles over

Leehanna: I walked home from sports today. I had to walk across a muddy meadow with my sneakers. I hate when my Nike sneakers get

You little loser. You nothing. You miserable creature. You will adore my ass. Lick my ass and kiss my ass. pass my ass and adore

  After meeting Miss Lilly near by the Lady House, the new footslave has to remove her nike sneakers and he starts to worship her dusty

Princess Serena: sock-smelling fun with my slave. I will use the slave for my fun today. I’ll hop around and jump on him. I will use

19 yo Miss Kinga: Now the bitch can lick my bare feet. The little bitch can now take off my socks and lick my bare feet.

The foot slave, the human footstool gets today Lilly’s sweaty, bare feet in the face. Miss Lilly takes off her socks and presses her bare

Goddess Sheila: Another day with my foot bitch #3 The dust sticks under my socks… suck it off, bitch! You are lucky enough to be able

The leashed slave lies at my feet, completely at the mercy and defenseless. I’m going to play a game with him now. I will smother

Miss Yolanta tramples him under her dusty ballet flats. She hits him hard on his face and lets him suffer from her weight. She loves

Goddess Sheila: As I told you before, I always use my slaves to lick my shoes and feet clean while I relax. The Skalve can

The foot slave, the human footstool gets today Lilly’s sweaty, bare feet in the face. Miss Lilly takes off her socks and presses her bare

Princess Serena: The foot slave under my beanbag. Today I am playing a new game with my foot slave. I put a beanbag on his

Young dominatrix Miss Kriz: Lick my smelly socks! When the slave has cleaned my boots, he gets to lick my smelly socks as a reward. I

Miss Ivy: The foot slave also offers itself as a living footrest, as my human footstool. I take off my sneakers and place my warm

Princess Serena: The human bedside rug has to lick my feet. When I get into the bedroom, the first thing I do is take off

Young dominatrix Miss Kriz: The first task is to lick my boots clean. I’m only 20 years old, but I love dominate games. When I use

Goddess Sheila: I have my old Adidas sneakers cleaned. My old Adidas sneakers must have been worn hundreds of times without washing the sneakers. I

Miss Eagle & Miss Anna: We're having fun with the foot slave today. We press our feet hard on the slave's face and so take

Princess Alena: I love to skate and I have a few favorite skater shoes: my favorite vans. I almost always wear them and these shoes

Today the slave meets Miss Lilly for a footfetish date. He send her the money before and the slave and Miss Lilly meet near by

The foot slave is now allowed to take off my skater vans and lick my bare, sweaty feet. He has to suck the sweat from

Miss Karey: Clean my dusty high heels with your tongue. It’s time to use a foot slave to clean my shoes again. My dusty high

I kick the loser’s face hard today. Dominant slaps in the face with my bare feet. I trample him and stand on him. I like

Ebony Mistress Yolanta wants the slave to sniff and inhale the scent of her pussy and her ass. She rubs her pussy on his face

Today you have another footfetish date with Miss Lilly. She visits you and you will immediately kiss her feet after she has come into the

It is time for our servant to lick and kiss our bare feet. After taking off our sweaty socks, we stuff our bare feet into

Miss Kitten: A slave has to lie at my feet. I’ll sit over him and I’ll use him. My old flip flops are dusty. The

After my dirty boots and my stinky socks, the new foot slave can now lick my bare feet. I take off my socks and stuff

Sweet Mistress Marinka has her footslave, or footfetish to her feet. She puts both feet are on her slaves face und presses with all the

“The loser should lick my beautiful black boots today. I often go to electro parties with my boots. I love these boots. The slave has

The pretty princess Nedda A. ignores the slave at her feet. He was named her living footstool. Now he is serving her by licking her

15 Minutes of sweet young FOOT DOMINATION & SPITTING I may look like a sweet little 18 yo girl, but the devil is in me. I

Today he should suck the dust and sweat out of my sock. So I take off my Adidas sneakers and let the slave smell my

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