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I love the sight of a foot slave licking my shoes clean. He even licks the dirt off my soles. Now I want to feel

Miss Lilly: The miserable slave has to lick Miss Lilly’s spit off her feet again today and she spits directly into his face. She rubs her

Princess Alena: Ever since I discovered my dominant side, I have wanted to have a foot slave. As a princess I have the natural right

Goddess Sheila: I have my human bed mat on a leash and will now torture him under my stinky socks. I treat myself to a

Goddess Sheila: Well my foot slave. Will you crawl back to lick my high heels? I let my foot slave lick my high heels clean

Goddess Sheila: I am still sitting over my slave and he is at my feet. After he smelled my fragrant, black socks, I now take off

Princess Serena: And again there are adorable smelly socks for you, you loser. Put your face in my old, stinky, discolored and unashed socks. My

Princess Serena: I now sit hard on his slave’s face. He can smell my pussy while I take his breath away. Maybe my pussy is

Princess Alena: After the slave cleaned my patent leather sneakers with his tongue, it is now my bare feet. He has to take off my

Miss Marinka want her worthless footslave to get on his knees and kiss her boots first, before she allows him to kiss and suck her

Goddess Sheila: I let the foot slave lick my dirty sports sneakers clean after the gym and now he will lick my bare, hot and sweaty

Goddess Sheila: After taking off my favorite sneakers, I really feel like kicking your worthless slave face with my bare feet. I keep kicking and your

The foot slave is now allowed to take off my skater vans and lick my bare, sweaty feet. He has to suck the sweat from

Goddess Sheila: After doing sports I like to use foot slaves who lick my dirty sports shoes clean and my feet in general. I will

Princess Alena: I love to skate and I have a few favorite skater shoes: my favorite vans. I almost always wear them and these shoes

Princess Alena: After my pleaser high heels, you, my foot slave, can now lick my bare feet. You will kiss my bare feet from above,

After I had my sock licked clean, the foot slave now has to lick the sweat off my feet. I rub my bare soles over

Miss Kitten: A slave has to lie at my feet. I’ll sit over him and I’ll use him. My old flip flops are dusty. The

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