Lady Kim: You lick my tennis feet clean! Well, do you want to serve a young lady from a good family? Are you keen on elegant, large, luxury feet? I come from tennis training, which my dad pays for me. Today we trained indoors and played a match. The winner gets to make a wish and guess who won?! I have won! :) The prize I get: A foot slave who licks my feet clean after the game. You have the privilege of being the foot slave for my luxury feet today. Your task: You will lick my dirty Nike sneakers clean, you will lick the sweat from my tennis socks and then suck the foot sweat from my large luxury feet (shoe size 43). You are my trophy, you are my slave, you are mine now, you do what I say! So lick it!
Queen Marie Müller: Lick my feet, socks and buffalo shoes you loser! You're not just a loser, you're a double loser. And what do double losers like you do? That's right - than get down and lick my dirty pink Buffalo sneakers. You see the dirt under your shoes, you see the worn soles? Then lick it clean and don't look at me like that. Lick the soles, lick down and up. Up and down. From now on your tongue will be called “cleaning rag”, get it?! You surely want to lick something better, right? Are you horny for dusty, stinky socks? Then you have to stick your nose into my shoes and inhale the scent deeply. Smell my socks. Can you smell where I was with my socks? Then lick my socks, maybe you can taste where I was. Haha. Suck off the sock lint, it will be your food today. Should you fuck your mouth with my socks? I work the way you want to jerk off. You're keen to jerk off. Now it's time to greet my naked feet. Kiss my feet, worship me. Then kiss the soles of your feet. Afterwards you will lick until you can't do it anymore. Suck the spaces between my toes clean and worship each of my toes. Do everything right, otherwise I'll kick you in the face. Come on, press your face into my sexy, young soles. Then tell me how much you love the smell of my feet, tell me how you love me and adore me, but don't lick my feet
Lady JoJo: You get my feet and my ass in your face I know exactly what you're into! You are keen on my feet and they go wild when you see the pink nail polish on my feet. Then I see in your eyes that you want to lick my feet and you long to suck my toes. Come here! I make you my foot slaves. Then you can always lick my beautiful, big feet clean and massage them with your tongue. But I don't need a pure foot slave. I want to have fun with my subordinates in other ways too. I want to ride your face and satisfy myself on you. Or rather: I want to satisfy myself on you. I hope you like my nice ass. It's perfect for humiliating you with. I'll sit on your face after you've licked my feet and really ride your slave's face. I'll ride your face like a saddle and rub against you.. Well, get hot slave object
Lady Nisha: You are my floor from now on! I stand dominant on you and with my favorite slippers and look down at you. Are you ready to become my living floor, my private carpet? I will kick you and flatten you. I will also take off my slippers and step on you with bare feet. I will even spit on you and rub the spit on you with my bare feet. You will feel and see the absolute power of my feet, you will feel how you will be crushed under me. Enjoy it! It's the last thing you can enjoy.
Lady JoJo: You will jerk off on my hot, big feet! Well you peeping. I noticed how you stared at my feet and how it made you horny. Just don't forget: I'm the mistress here and I decide what you do. I want my pleasure now and see you play with your pants while I play with my bare feet in front of you. Level 2 will be that you get your cock out and touch the soles of my feet with your tongue. Well, does that make you horny? Now if I tell you what I would do to you if you became my foot slave... it will make your cock explode. Be my submissive slave and obey...
Queen Marie Müller: Today you lick my Nike sneakers clean or I'll kick your balls. I'll visit you in the hotel room today. Since you have already set up my throne for me and kneel in front of the chair. I'm not wearing Buffalo sneakers today. Today I'm wearing my 1.5 year old Nike sneakers. The problem: the soles are dirty and you are the solution to the problem: you will now lick my Nike sneakers clean. As a greeting you first kiss my shoes and worship me. Then you can get up a little and look at my soles. Well, how about I step on your face with these soles?! But maybe later. Now you lick both soles clean. And woe, if I'm not satisfied afterwards, I'll kick you in the balls with a running start.
Queen Marie Müller: My private foot video from the hotel lobby A friend filmed me with her cell phone in the hotel lobby, as I was waiting for a slave who was about to pamper my bare feet. I'm sitting barefoot in the lobby and one of these objects I'm looking at is about to suck my toes :)
Queen Marie Müller: Now you jerk off on my dirty Buffalo sneakers. Hey you wanker. You are keen to kiss and lick my buffalo sneakers clean. But you're just a jerk and you'll probably never enjoy my shoes. But: Today you have permission to jerk off on this video. come close to my shoes Get close to the screen. So close that you could press your face into my shoes. do you want to lick Then lick it and jerk off. I might give you permission to cum at the sight of my sexy Buffalo sneakers.
Lady Nisha: I'll crush under my stinky gym socks! You little worm is now lying under me and you can watch me take off my sports sneakers. Are you ready to find your end under me now? I'm going to crush you under my stinky gym socks and wipe you out. Yes, look up at me you little subject. My socks are the last thing you see. I'll give you pain under my dirty smelly socks. If you are ready, it even makes you horny to be crushed by me. My legs are muscular and strong. This will definitely be the end of you!
Queen Marie Müller: Your tongue washcloth and my dirty Buffalo sneakers go together. Well you little foot cunt. Do you see my special Buffalo sneakers? Then you also see the dirty shoe soles. Good that you always have a washcloth with you, your tongue. So out with the washcloth and clean my dirty shoe soles with your tongue. Rede groove needs to be cleaned and the dirt is your lunch today. Do you want to jerk off? Only with my permission. There's my sexy jerk off countdown. If you don't squirt on 0 you will be severely penalized.
Miss Anastasia S.: I will crush you under my bare feet! You're lying defenseless under me again and I'm now taking off my fragrant socks and you can now see my bare feet. I want to crush you under my bare feet now. But not only that, because I'll let you work as a foot slave beforehand. You will lick my bare feet and nibble the calluses off my heels. You will also open your slave mouth wide and suck my toes. I will fuck your dirty mouth with my toes. After you have painfully endured my kicks and are still slightly panting on the floor, you will kiss my soles gratefully.
Miss Anastasia: I'll crush you like a giantess under my socks. Listen carefully you kelienr worm. I'm going to do one of my passions now and crush you under my feet. You are very small and defenseless under me and you see how I lift my foot over you. Today I will crush you under my fragrant socks. I will feel the strength and power of my feet and enjoy being crushed by me.

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