Queen Marie Müller: My hot pink Buffalo clogs and my sweet feet. I am a really hot mistress. Young, pretty, a sexy body. I have a thing for Buffalo shoes and especially the classic ones from the 90's. I love the sexy Buffalo clogs. It's so easy to slip your feet out of these and men have always tried to get a glimpse of the soles of my feet while walking. Today you can lick my pink Buffalo clogs and put them in my shoes. Isn't that a dream of yours?! Foot scent and Buffalo clogs. If you have licked my Buffalo shoes clean, then you may lick my bare feet. This is the absolute for you, you little toe sucker!
Goddess Sheila: You are at my feet while I tell you about my slaves. Well you slave contender. I will now tell you about my slaves while you may kneel at my feet. I'll tell you about my cleaning slaves, my shoe slaves and the slave who is allowed to clean the toilet with his toothbrush. I keep all my slaves under control via GPS and status. A slave's first thought in the morning is of me and the last thought in the evening is just Goddess Sheila, his purpose in life. You want to be my slave, then prove yourself.
Miss Anastasia: I'll crush you like a giantess under my socks. Listen carefully you kelienr worm. I'm going to do one of my passions now and crush you under my feet. You are very small and defenseless under me and you see how I lift my foot over you. Today I will crush you under my fragrant socks. I will feel the strength and power of my feet and enjoy being crushed by me.

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