Come on, lick my boots, socks and feet clean!


Lady JoJo: Come on, lick my boots, socks and feet clean! I'm using a foot slave again for the first time in a long time. I'm a dancer in various clubs and at parties. I don't take any consideration: I arrive with my dirty boots, warm, dusty socks and slightly dirty feet. I know that the foot slave licks everything I give him. I enjoy the sight of a slave licking my boots again. He has to stick his tongue deep into the grooves of the sole profile. Then my sweet but dirty socks are sucked. I'm excited to see if he can suck the foot sweat out of my socks. Then he should try to take my socks off with his mouth. Now he gets these beautiful bare feet and licky toes with pink painted toenails. Yes, slave, suck my bare feet clean and lick my toes. Blow my toes. I want to see that.