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Mistress Fiona: Hey slave, press your face into my dirty socks. I just love it when a slave submits to me and shows me that. My slave comes to my feet on command and of course has to kiss my dusty boots first. That's how a mistress is greeted. Then he can take off my socks and press his slave face into my dirty socks. But not only that. He should show me that it is an honor for him to suck the scent of my feet through my dirty socks. Come on slave, inhale the scent of my feet and socks. How do I show what I think of him? Very simple, I let him eat my dirty socks!
Mistress Fiona: Sweets for me, feet for you! Today we are both lucky. We both get something sweet. I get chocolate and you get my sweet summer feet. While I enjoy my chocolate, you can lick my summer slippers and my bare feet. Go on, do what I tell you! Spoil me! I spoil myself and you spoil me. Enjoy the taste, that's what I do too. Oh, are my sweet feet salty? Be happy that you get this hot taste of my feet. I have such beautiful feet, you will never forget my feet for the rest of your life.
Lady Kim: I want him to suffer under my big feet. The guy is ready for me and now after my tennis training I will tease and dominate him with my big, bare feet. I want him to suffer and moan. I want to crush him flat and enjoy it. There is no escape from under my big soles anyway. Anyone who is trapped under my big, wet soles will not be able to get out and will have to suffer. Even when I was young I felt this desire to make men suffer and hurt them. I bet you are a little jealous of my victim now!?
Lady Kim: I want to crush him under my big feet today. I look so cute today in my pretty white summer dress. I want to crush one of my slaves and trample on his face today. I am big and not so light and my big feet will completely cover his face. I want to feel my power and just kick, trample, crush and squish him. I want to crush his nose and hear him suffer under me. Are you also a trampling victim for me? I just love these sessions. I need it to work off my aggression. So, if you are ready, then lie down on the floor for me and suffer for me!
Lady Kim: After tennis he can lick my socks. I love playing tennis, but what annoys me is this constant hard training during the week. I especially get annoyed when my tennis coach criticizes me again. After such a training session, I like to take out my frustration on the foot slave. After he has licked my sneakers, he can suck my dirty, sweaty socks. I like to press this sock into his slave face, even if I find the smell disgusting. :) haha.