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Mistress Fiona: Why I have a foot slave. I was asked by my friends why I like having a foot slave. Well girls, I made this video for you by telling you a little about the advantages of having your own foot slave. How I use it and why. What tasks he has and what he has to do. My feet and shoes are pampered in the video and I take out a little of my physical aggression on him :). Ladies, you have to watch this video and at the next meeting I will bring you a selection of foot slaves to use, okay?!
Lady Nisha: After pull training, my socks and feet are licked! After pull training in the gym, I feel very tired and sweaty again. I like to sit on a foot slave with all my weight and let him lick my sweaty socks and feet clean at the same time. He has to bear my entire weight and at the same time passionately suck my smelly, musty feet while I can relax a little.
Nurse Mistress Fiona: I'll crush you under my bare feet! You saw me earlier on the hospital ward and you were always staring at my feet. You're a foot peeper. And my feet get you horny. I'm going to put an end to that now and crush you under my bare feet. Maybe you're already looking forward to it. To come under such hot feet one last time and to see the hot soles of a pretty nurse as the last thing. So, you peeper, lie down on the floor and enjoy the kicks!
Miss Anastasia: He licks the sweat from my wet feet! If I want to particularly enjoy a foot licking session, then I wear airtight boots without socks. Afterwards my bare feet are wet, warm, sweaty and taste salty. That's exactly what I'm going to do today. As a greeting, I first let the slave kiss my boots and lick the soles of my boots. He has to put his tongue into every groove on the soles of the boots. That's a nice spice for him. But the greatest taste is yet to come. He can take off my boots and then lick my warm, wet and sweaty feet. This salty taste of my bare soles is the spice of his slave life. Check it out, don't miss it. Check it out in many views.
Lady Nisha: After the workout, my feet and socks are licked! Today was pull training in the gym and I sweated a lot again. My feet always get dirty in the warm sneakers anyway and I wear my socks several times in a row because I know that I can annoy the slave with them. Immediately after training, the slave, after kissing my dirty sneakers and licking the gym dust from the soles, is allowed to lick my musty, smelly socks and my tired, sweaty feet. I have my feet massaged intensively and regularly with the tongue after training and licked clean. 6 days a week. Always!
Mistress Morana: Lick my feet wet with your tongue. You know that I live with a woman and my girlfriend sometimes complains that my feet are so dry. Then I thought of the foot slave, he could lick my feet wet before every meeting with my girlfriend. My heels in particular have calluses and are very dry. Come on, slave! Lick my calluses wet and the entire soles of my feet. My toes and the spaces between my toes also have to be licked clean. I knew that men were good for something too. That's right: licking feet wet!