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Miss Abiola: My white foot rat is under my musty socks! I also like to put my feet on my white foot rat in the office. My feet belong on a slave's face, on a white slave's face. He has to take off my old sneakers and then I press my warm, musty socks directly onto his slave face. First he can smell my socks and inhale the scent. He can now also lick my musty, slazy socks and feel like a white foot rat under my feet, my slave. He is my doormat, my footrest. Nothing more!
Lady Kim: After tennis he can lick my socks. I love playing tennis, but what annoys me is this constant hard training during the week. I especially get annoyed when my tennis coach criticizes me again. After such a training session, I like to take out my frustration on the foot slave. After he has licked my sneakers, he can suck my dirty, sweaty socks. I like to press this sock into his slave face, even if I find the smell disgusting. :) haha.
Mistress Fiona: Hey slave, press your face into my dirty socks. I just love it when a slave submits to me and shows me that. My slave comes to my feet on command and of course has to kiss my dusty boots first. That's how a mistress is greeted. Then he can take off my socks and press his slave face into my dirty socks. But not only that. He should show me that it is an honor for him to suck the scent of my feet through my dirty socks. Come on slave, inhale the scent of my feet and socks. How do I show what I think of him? Very simple, I let him eat my dirty socks!
Miss Abiola: The white foot rat is my footrest and my feet are delicious! I also love coming home after a long day and simply putting my feet on the face of a white foot rat. A soft slave face is more comfortable than the hard, cold floor. Otherwise you can ignore the slave face because he only has this one task. Not true! With his greed for my feet, the white foot rat can clean my feet with his tongue, or I give the command "tongue out!" and I can rub my sweaty, warm soles over his tongue and clean my feet on him. I need these white foot rats!
Nurse Mistress Fiona: I ride the patient’s face. The best and most beautiful way to make patients healthy is to give them my special medicine. My ass and pussy bring every sick patient back on their feet. During the shift I take off my pants and sit on the patient’s face. I will now ride his face and the sweat from my ass will act like medicine on him. Yes, smell my ass and feel how my pussy presses against your face, against your nose. Inhale the scent and taste it, then you will soon be fit again. Unfortunately, the side effects of my medicine are that you become addicted to it.
Lady JoJo: Come on, lick my boots, socks and feet clean! I'm using a foot slave again for the first time in a long time. I'm a dancer in various clubs and at parties. I don't take any consideration: I arrive with my dirty boots, warm, dusty socks and slightly dirty feet. I know that the foot slave licks everything I give him. I enjoy the sight of a slave licking my boots again. He has to stick his tongue deep into the grooves of the sole profile. Then my sweet but dirty socks are sucked. I'm excited to see if he can suck the foot sweat out of my socks. Then he should try to take my socks off with his mouth. Now he gets these beautiful bare feet and licky toes with pink painted toenails. Yes, slave, suck my bare feet clean and lick my toes. Blow my toes. I want to see that.