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Miss Maria J: I'm rubbing my pussy on his face again! I'm wearing my shiny black fetish underwear. This lingerie is very close to my skin and I feel everything! I now sit down hard on the slave's face again and ride his face. I love riding faces and stimulating myself in the process. The slave can't breathe anymore? I do not care about that! The main thing is that I have fun. Oh yes, I forgot that his face fits perfectly in my ass too. Let's go! I press my ass firmly into his face and his nose fits my asshole perfectly.
Lady Nisha: I press my socks in the loser's face. I've just come from breakfast with a friend and my slave is still waiting in front of my bed. First I press my dirty slippers in his face and let him suffer a little. Then I take off my slippers and press my dusty sock into the slave's face of the living rug. He should open his mouth wide and massage my feet through the socks with his tongue and also lick the socks clean. I shop with his money and buy something nice. Every lady needs a lively bedside rug. At the end the loser can eat my socks. That's how it has to be. If you want to experience absolute humiliation under musty socks, then you can't miss this video.
Queen Marie Müller: I dominate the slave under my feet in the hotel toilet. My slave is where he belongs: At my feet on the hotel toilet. I'm going to give him a little lesson now, a glorious punishment under my soles. I have it under my pink Buffalo sneakers at the beginning. These sneakers look cute but the sole is dirty. He will now clean the soles directly with his tongue. Of course I also punish him by pressing my Buffalo soles firmly into his face. I could use it as a toilet now, shit to shit :). After he was allowed to smell my sneakers, I will humiliate him under my sweet, musty socks. He even gets fucked by my socked feet. What I particularly like: The slave lies with his face on the toilet floor, where I may have peed a little and I use it as a footrest for my sweet feet. I will humiliate him under my bare soles and flatten him. I will also stand on his face with my full weight. Flattened out in the hotel toilet, that will be his fate, haha!!! :)
Lady Sümeyra: I feel like an oriental queen. I'm sitting on my throne in a sexy dress and wearing my jewellery, rings, anklets and more. At my feet a human footrest. I feel like an oriental queen. I place my feet on a slave's face and enjoy my position. I get my feet licked and play with my slave toy under my feet. I let him feel my power and enjoy having a foot slave as an oriental queen.s.
Princess Serena: Eat my cornea and lick the corneal rasp. There are Fresschen slave! Come crawl to me and you will have your lunch. I use the corneal rasp to rasp the cornea off my toes and heel. The slave will eat the cornea and enjoy it. Lie on your back slave and open your mouth wide so that my corneal rasps fall right into your mouth. How does my cornea actually decorate? Salty? Do you want to take a little more callus from me as a spice for your dinner slave? haha :) What else ends up in the toilet, now falls into the mouth of my foot slave. In the end I see my cornea spread all over his face, haha. He can lick the rest off my feet.
Lady Nisha: The loser will be punished under my feet. The piece of slave dirt under my bed had only one job: to clean my socks in his mouth. Did he complete this task to my satisfaction? OF COURSE NOT! Now he will be punished under my feet. You mean he likes that? Then you haven't felt my merciless, dominant soles yet. I will now let him suffer under my feet and let him feel my anger. I press my hard heel into his slave's face and ignore his moaning. I'll show him what it means to disappoint me. Do you want to see this? Then check it out and I hope you will never disappoint me.