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Lady Nisha: After work my feet are licked and massaged with the tongue! The convenient thing about being a mistress is that you have a slave and a submissive for everything. I like working in the gym, I meet all my friends there. In the evening my favorite slippers are dirty and I let the slave lick the soles of my slippers first. I also get foot massages from others in the gym, but I love foot massages with slave tongues. I let myself lick the sweat from my soles and at the same time massage my bare soles with my tongue after a long day.
Queen Marie Müller: Spit on and flattened under my feet! I have my victim between my legs again. I love flattening his head with my thighs and spitting on him at the same time. My feet are barefoot in my Buffalo sneakers. I will now take off my shoes and press my sweaty feet into his face and rub my spit into his face. He can then lick the spit from my feet. So, how do hot cake and foot sweat taste together? A hot mix for all foot slaves. I want to fuck his mouth with my feet too. Yes, deep into his slave face. Stinky Buffalo sneakers and spit, spit and sweaty feet, foot pressure and ignorance. The Skave gets all of this from me. I love playing these games and I love subjugating and humiliating.
Lady Sümeyra: He will lick my bare feet now. The leashed German slave will now lick my bare feet. I want to enjoy it and tell my friends about it afterwards. I take off my socks and press my bare feet in his face. I let him smell my toes and lick my soles. I fuck his mouth with my foot and let him nibble on my heels. That's exactly how it has to be. Serve your turkish mistress. Lick her feet! Lick her toes and be a good slave.
Lady Nisha: Who else wants to lick dirty sports socks? I haven't fully exhausted myself in the gym today because I still have aggression in me. But my socks are sweaty and the dirt from the gym is naturally stuck under the soles. So what's the best way to react? Of course, I'll push my feet into a slave's face. He has to take off my sports sneakers and then he gets my socked feet straight in the face. He gets my damp, dirty gym socks pressed directly into his face. I rub my smelly socks on his face and let him lick the dirt off my socks. It serves as a foot rest for my socks right after training. Do you also want to get my dirty, musty gym socks in your worthless face?
Queen Marie Müller: I smear my spit with my feet on his face. I love these power games. I love being on top and subduing my victims. How can I subjugate my victims? What could be more humiliating than having my spit and smelly soles on your face. A mix of spit and feet would be the best for the slave. I'll sit on him and spit in his face. After that I'll rub it on his face with my feet and let him lick my spit from my scented soles. I will dominate him and put him in his place. He becomes spittoon and footlicker!
Queen Marie Müller: A dream of licking feet in pink! Sweet buffalo shoes, socks and hot feet! I think I'm going to fulfill my foot-cunt's foot-licking dream today. Today I'm dressed super cute and now I'm going to turn him on with my feet. I think he has a desire to lick my cute Buffalo sneakers clean. The soles are really dirty and I need a slave tongue to clean them. But I also know that he loves the dirt from my Buffalo shoes and likes to swallow the dirt. If he loves asking, he can also smell my shoes. It's hard to believe: I'm wearing cute pink socks in my Buffalo sneakers. Those lovely warm, moist, fragrant socks. I'm sure I can fuck his mouth with my socks and he licks the dust off the soles of my pink socks. But what would a great foot licking dream be without my bare feet and (surprise) my toenails are painted pink :). I'll stuff his mouth with my sweet, sweaty feet. I'll let him lick my bare salty soles clean and every toe will be sucked with a lot of passion! A TRUE FOOT LICK DREAM in PINK!