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Miss Abiola: My white foot rat's face as a footrest for me! I'm still chatting with my friends on my cell phone and my white foot rat still has my stinky socks on his face. I think it's time for the guy to take off my socks and feel my bare, powerful feet (shoe size 40 EU) on his slave's face. I want to feel him under my soles. I want him to lick my soles and suck my toes while I make an appointment with my sister in the chat when she can borrow my foot rat. Look closely at what I do to his slave face! The little foot rat needs it and so do I. So slaves belong under my feet!
Mistress Fiona: Lick my feet during lunch break! During the day I love working as a nurse. I love my job and since I have a dominant nature, I always assert myself in my job. I met the foot slave in the break room when he massaged one of my colleagues' feet with his tongue during the break. I want this service now too. During break today I'll walk over to the Lady House and make myself comfortable. After kissing my Crocs, the foot slave should now massage my bare feet with his tongue. He's welcome to lick off the sweat from his feet from the morning shift. I love this break service.
Mistress Sarah: He has to press his face into my damp socks! As soon as I arrive at the lady house, the guy has to kiss my dirty boots and greet me. But I want to feel his face under my feet and let him take off my boots and then he can kiss and lick my damp, dusty socks. He should press his face deep into my socks and inhale the scent of my feet. I love the feeling. It's been a long time since I've used Skalven, but I want to enjoy it more often now.
Lady Nisha: I'll crush you under my stinky gym feet! You little wretch was always staring at my ass in the gym and I don't like it when strange guys get excited about my ass. How should I punish you now? I will crush you under my stinky gym feet. Immediately after the exercises, I will take off my socks, stuff the sweaty socks into your mouth and then crush you under my damp, smelly soles. That's exactly what you deserve. I will even place both feet on your slave face at the same time. Well, how do you like that?
Lady Kim: ATTENTION: This video is for my girls! Why you need a foot slave! Hey girls. At the last girls' evening you asked me why I needed my foot slave. I told you that I would just show you. Here's a video for my girls. Here I will describe and show you how and why I use my foot slave, what it is good for and what I particularly enjoy. It's not just the convenience that he can lick my shoes and feet clean and I can keep him on a leash. I particularly like to take out my aggression on him. But I'll tell you one by one. Hey girls, this video is for you!
Mistress Morana: Lick the dust from under my socks! In my free time I like to walk around the apartment and office in my socks, or even outside on the balcony. Today I'm wearing my dusty socks in my sneakers. The socks look clean from above, but the soles of my socks are dusty and a little dirty from the dirt from the floor. The slave always has to lie at my feet and after he takes off my sneakers, he can remove the dust from under my socks. I want to use his tongue and stick my socked feet deep in his mouth. He is welcome to eat and swallow the mess from my socks. That's a great slave meal: sock dirt from the mistress.