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Lady Alessa Milano: I spit on him and trample him for my pleasure. I don't hear him whining, but I feel it under my feet. I feel his pain and how he writhes, I feel it more than anyone else. I want to kick him and I want to spit on him. I spit on his face and rub the spit with my bare feet. I let him lick my feet and use him as a living carpet on which I can have fun. I have large and very dominant feet and consideration and mercy are foreign to me. He will feel me and he will remember me for weeks. I'm sexy and it's an honor for him to be my carpet and receive my spit.
Queen Marie Müller. There is no escape from my smelly socks. I always have these really smelly socks after long trips because I like wearing these chunky Buffalo sneakers. My feet sweat quickly and my socks have this extreme smell. Today I will squeeze the slave into my socks and won't let him escape again. I tape his mouth shut and first let him smell my socks in different positions. I press his face into my soles and enjoy it. Of course he also has to lick my socks. The best way to do this is to sit on his head and have him lick my socks at the same time.
Princess Serena: Every mistress needs a human seat cushion. It's so cool to ride a slave face. I like to sit on his face when I'm wearing panties, then I can feel his face and his nose on my pussy. Then I ride off and it gives me enormous satisfaction. I rub my puss on his face and have a lot of fun. Then I push his nose up my ass. He can inhale the smell of my ass and my buttocks press his nose flat. He can't breathe and his gasp makes me really wild and my dominance becomes even stronger. Facesitting with air reduction is a pleasure for every mistress.
Queen Marie Müller: I'll trample him under my stinky socks! Trampling slaves is one of my favorite activities. Since I have a particularly intense foot scent and like to wear my socks in my Buffalo shoes for a long time, I like to trample slave under my sweaty socks. You can see here how I step on a slave's face and chest and crush him flat under my feet. I push my socks into his face and put my weight on them. He enjoys the pressure of his feet and the smell of my socks. He always had the desire to be crushed under a dominant young lady. I'll show you these chairs from many great perspectives.
oddess Tracy: I have my work socks from the weekend licked clean. I work at the bar in a techno club on the weekend. I wear white sneaker socks in my Doc Martens boots and I actually always wear these socks all weekend long. I was once offered twenty euros by a club guest if I gave him my socks after work. I have now decided to let solvent slaves lick my sweaty socks clean after work. For a tribute, a slave can suck and lick the sweat from my feet from the weekend out of my socks. Would you also be willing and solvent enough to lick my socks clean after work at the bar?
Lady Nisha: He will now lick and eat my fragrant, dusty socks. I wore my white socks for the slave for 4 whole days. At home, at work and while shopping. My socks are soaked with my foot sweat and dusty on the soles of my feet. His biggest wish is to be able to lick his socks clean after 4 days and to be fed my socks. Of course, that doesn't happen quickly. I take my time and enjoy dominating and subduing the slave. I also want to fuck his slave mouth with my socks! The dust has to be licked off every last bit of the soles of my socks. I humiliate him with my natural, dominant style. He was big before, now he's kneeling in front of me and begging for my socks.