Princess Serena: Every mistress needs a human seat cushion. It's so cool to ride a slave face. I like to sit on his face when I'm wearing panties, then I can feel his face and his nose on my pussy. Then I ride off and it gives me enormous satisfaction. I rub my puss on his face and have a lot of fun. Then I push his nose up my ass. He can inhale the smell of my ass and my buttocks press his nose flat. He can't breathe and his gasp makes me really wild and my dominance becomes even stronger. Facesitting with air reduction is a pleasure for every mistress.
Mistress Anna: I am now riding the slave's face. I'm wearing a sexy white dress. I wear small, white panties and sit with my pussy directly on his nose. I ride the face of the slave and I like the feeling. Of course he has to smell my sexy ass too. I press his nose and face between my ass cheeks and let him inhale the scent of my ass.
Miss Maria J: I'm rubbing my pussy on his face again! I'm wearing my shiny black fetish underwear. This lingerie is very close to my skin and I feel everything! I now sit down hard on the slave's face again and ride his face. I love riding faces and stimulating myself in the process. The slave can't breathe anymore? I do not care about that! The main thing is that I have fun. Oh yes, I forgot that his face fits perfectly in my ass too. Let's go! I press my ass firmly into his face and his nose fits my asshole perfectly.
Sexy Jeans facesitting and more Princess Serena: I have a new toy again. The head of my slave is mistreated and used by me. I sit down hard on his slave's face and reduce his breath. I play with his breathing and I feel how he suffers from my ass. I kick his head and play with him like a soccer ball. Then he gets my nice jeans ass on his face again. A really hot facesitting session. It's like riding my slave's face and letting him suffer under me and my weight.
I want to ride a face! I've discovered a new preference. When I sat down on a face for the first time, I had the feeling and the desire to ride this face and stick his nose into my pussy. I also like to clamp a face in my ass. He can then inhale the scent of my ass and enjoy the scent. I stimulate myself on the face by riding it and I like how my weight crushes a slave's face. He can't breathe and I have power over him. While I stimulate myself, my face sitting victim has to suffer. That turns me on.
I will sit him absolutely flat I will sit him absolutely flat I'm going to sit on my slave's face now. I have a sexy bikini on and the slave is going to have a great time under my ass. I will sit him absolutely flat. I will ride his face. I will jump around on my slave and I will have a lot of fun knocking him down. I love it when he doesn't get air under my ass. This is a sexy facesitting video.

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