Mistress Morana: Lick my feet wet with your tongue. You know that I live with a woman and my girlfriend sometimes complains that my feet are so dry. Then I thought of the foot slave, he could lick my feet wet before every meeting with my girlfriend. My heels in particular have calluses and are very dry. Come on, slave! Lick my calluses wet and the entire soles of my feet. My toes and the spaces between my toes also have to be licked clean. I knew that men were good for something too. That's right: licking feet wet!
Lady Nisha: After the workout, my feet and socks are licked! Today was pull training in the gym and I sweated a lot again. My feet always get dirty in the warm sneakers anyway and I wear my socks several times in a row because I know that I can annoy the slave with them. Immediately after training, the slave, after kissing my dirty sneakers and licking the gym dust from the soles, is allowed to lick my musty, smelly socks and my tired, sweaty feet. I have my feet massaged intensively and regularly with the tongue after training and licked clean. 6 days a week. Always!
Miss Anastasia: He licks the sweat from my wet feet! If I want to particularly enjoy a foot licking session, then I wear airtight boots without socks. Afterwards my bare feet are wet, warm, sweaty and taste salty. That's exactly what I'm going to do today. As a greeting, I first let the slave kiss my boots and lick the soles of my boots. He has to put his tongue into every groove on the soles of the boots. That's a nice spice for him. But the greatest taste is yet to come. He can take off my boots and then lick my warm, wet and sweaty feet. This salty taste of my bare soles is the spice of his slave life. Check it out, don't miss it. Check it out in many views.
Mistress Fiona: He has to lick my feet clean during break as a nurse. I work with passion as a senior nurse in the hospital next door. Since I got the foot slave, I regularly have my feet and shoes licked clean during my lunch break. Because hardly any lady has as sweaty feet after work as a nurse. First he has to lick my Birkenstock shoes clean. He has to lick everything that sticks to it and swallow it in front of me. Then it's my sweaty feet's turn. I want to have clean feet after the break and my foot sweat is a reward for the slave. Hurry up to lick your feet clean. I'll be back tomorrow on my lunch break. I do that regularly now.
Lady Abiola: The white foot rat will lick my bare feet. I'm still studying for my studies. I have to read a book until the evening. My foot slave, my white foot rat, is allowed to relax me a little and make me feel like a princess. He will take off my warm, wet socks and lick my bare, large feet intensively. He will massage my feet with his tongue and lick them clean. He will clean the spaces between my toes with his tongue. He is welcome to eat the foot dirt. I just love using my white foot rat. I am a true Ebony Mistress.
Mistress Sarah: He has to press his face into my damp socks! As soon as I arrive at the lady house, the guy has to kiss my dirty boots and greet me. But I want to feel his face under my feet and let him take off my boots and then he can kiss and lick my damp, dusty socks. He should press his face deep into my socks and inhale the scent of my feet. I love the feeling. It's been a long time since I've used Skalven, but I want to enjoy it more often now.
Mistress Fiona: Lick my feet during lunch break! During the day I love working as a nurse. I love my job and since I have a dominant nature, I always assert myself in my job. I met the foot slave in the break room when he massaged one of my colleagues' feet with his tongue during the break. I want this service now too. During break today I'll walk over to the Lady House and make myself comfortable. After kissing my Crocs, the foot slave should now massage my bare feet with his tongue. He's welcome to lick off the sweat from his feet from the morning shift. I love this break service.
Mistress Fiona: Pamper my nylon feet! I let the foot slave kiss my dirty boots first. This is how a mistress is greeted and a slave shows his submissiveness to his mistress. Afterwards he can take off my boots and a warm foot sweat smell comes out of my boots. He can happily lick and suck the foot sweat out of the nylons. He should lick my feet and suck my toes. I want to watch it. He has to tell me how much he adores me and that he is happy to have an adorable mistress with beautiful feet.
Lady Kim: Lick my big stinky feet! I let the slave dance and he can lick my Converse sneakers as a greeting! The soles are nice and dusty and he is happy to swallow the dust. Then he will take off my sneakers and lick my big, wet, smelly feet (size 43 EU). My long toes have to be sucked intensively and he has to clean the spaces between the toes with his tongue. I enjoy the sight and above all I am sure that he has never had to lick such young and big feet :)
Mistress Sarah: I have my feet licked before work! From 12 noon I work in my own tattoo studio. I've been tattooing for 10 years. I have the idea that I'll have my feet sucked before work, because then I can relax and do my work in the tattoo studio. I want a foot massage with a scalpel tongue before I head out. I want my toes to be sucked and I want to drive to work with nice thoughts. Maybe I'll enjoy having my feet licked regularly before and after the abortion. Who will serve me for this?
Miss Kinga: I let me lick my young, sweet feet. Yes, he can lick my musty, stinky and dusty blue socks again before he has to take my socks off with his mouth. With my socks in his mouth he can first smell my sweet, naked, wet soles. Yes, press your face into my sweet bare feet! But then I need his tongue. He will now lick my sweet little feet thoroughly and intensively. I want him to suck my little toes like a humble slave and I'll even record it on my cell phone. So I can show everyone at any time how the little worm sucks my feet.
Miss Abiola: My white foot rat is licking my feet! I call the white foot rat over and have my Nike sneakers taken off. What he then sees are my smelly, sweaty feet (shoe size 40). I want the white foot rat to lick my dominant feet and suck the spaces between my toes clean. I want to press my soles into his face and show him his place. It belongs under my feet, that is its place. I will recommend the foot rat to my friends from Mali. They are definitely looking for slaves who like to suck feet.

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