Miss Kinga: I let me lick my young, sweet feet. Yes, he can lick my musty, stinky and dusty blue socks again before he has to take my socks off with his mouth. With my socks in his mouth he can first smell my sweet, naked, wet soles. Yes, press your face into my sweet bare feet! But then I need his tongue. He will now lick my sweet little feet thoroughly and intensively. I want him to suck my little toes like a humble slave and I'll even record it on my cell phone. So I can show everyone at any time how the little worm sucks my feet.
Miss Abiola: My white foot rat is licking my feet! I call the white foot rat over and have my Nike sneakers taken off. What he then sees are my smelly, sweaty feet (shoe size 40). I want the white foot rat to lick my dominant feet and suck the spaces between my toes clean. I want to press my soles into his face and show him his place. It belongs under my feet, that is its place. I will recommend the foot rat to my friends from Mali. They are definitely looking for slaves who like to suck feet.
Mistress Fiona: After my job as a nurse, the peeping Tom licks my feet clean. I love my job as a nurse and I always notice that patients and visitors pay attention to my feet in my Crocs. Especially when I take off my Crocs for a moment and my bare feet are visible. Today I caught this foot stretcher and noticed how excited he was by the sight of my feet. I will now blackmail him with my observations. He has to lick the dirty Crocs and my wet, salty feet clean after the job as a nurse and I will just relax after the job. I want everything: my feet have to be licked clean, I want a foot massage with his tongue and I want to enjoy my position as mistress.
Lady Nisha: I make him lick my dusty slippers and feet clean. I'm wearing my old black slippers today. I found these slippers at the bottom of the shelf under a pile of my old shoes. The dust from years in my shoe closet clings to these shoes. Should I clean them or let the dusty slippers be licked clean? Of course I have my shoes licked clean and since the dust from the insoles is now stuck to my feet, I of course also have my bare feet licked clean. That's why I keep a foot slave.
Miss Sandra Soul: I'm having my feet licked for the first time. I've already made a few erotic videos, but no one has licked my feet yet. Even in private, men only ever wanted to fuck me, especially my bottom. Now I can have my little, slippery feet licked and my toes sucked for the first time. I'll enjoy that. I'll watch the guy suck my feet after he lets me take off my socks. Can I fuck his mouth with my stinky little feet?
Miss Kinga: The guy should lick my smelly socks clean! I've come straight from shopping. I visited 7 different stores while wearing my old sneakers. These sneakers are so airtight that my feet start to stink in them, but the sneakers are so comfortable. It occurs to me that I have never cleaned these sneakers. You can see that too :). First the guy has to kiss my shoes as a sign of adoration for me. Afterwards he will stick his nose deep into my sneakers and suck the scent of my sweaty feet out of my shoes. Now I want him to lick my smelly blue socks clean. He is welcome to nibble off and swallow the sock lint. Come on, suck the sweat out of my socks. I can see his greed because he can feel my smelly little feet through my socks.
Mistress Jessica: I let me lick my big soles. You will now watch closely as I let my big, bare soles be licked and you will jerk off while I do it. You will see me having my slippers taken off and a slave washing my bare soles with his song and sucking my long toes. Everything will be very close and you will be able to see every detail. Come closer and lick along, you can then cum.
Lady Jessica: I read in him that he wants to lick my feet. I am a dominatrix, but not a normal dominatrix. I read my slaves because I have psychological training and I use this in my sessions. Some slaves are very easy to read, like today. This slave is just crazy about my bare, large and tender feet. He goes crazy when he sees my soft soles. He wants to kiss and lick her. After this long train ride, mine are slightly damp and slightly sweaty. Now I let him lick my feet and we are both happy.
Mistress Jessica: I want him to lick my black socks on my big feet now. After a 4 hour train ride and after a day of lying in my Doc Martens boots, my socks are very musty and damp. I know that you can seduce foot lovers by allowing them to smell the foot and by asking them to suck the sweat from the socks. I love psychological dominance and I will watch the foot slave closely and I will just know what he wants. I analyze slaves very carefully and then I play with them. And now lick slave, lick my socks on my big, slim feet (shoe size 40). Lick the sweat from your feet.
Goddess Tracy: After working at the bar my feet are licked clean. At the weekend I work out at the bar in a techno bar and after the night shift my feet and socks are damp and fragrant. Today I got the offer to have a foot slave lick my bare, sweaty feet clean after the night shift in the bar. I have my work socks taken off and then my feet are intensively licked clean, each toe is sucked thoroughly and my heel, which has a slight callus, is sucked with passion. I want to have my feet licked soft after work.
Lady Nisha: The loser can now smell and lick my feet. I was walking around the city for a long time today and my feet are almost steaming. The loser can now reach for my bare feet and breathe in Lady Nisha's foot scent. If he is good and worships my feet like a humble slave, then he can also lick my feet or lick them clean. He can also suck my hot pussy and I want to fuck his slave mouth with my bare feet. It's always so nice to subjugate new losers and see how greedily they want to suck my feet.
oddess Tracy: I have my work socks from the weekend licked clean. I work at the bar in a techno club on the weekend. I wear white sneaker socks in my Doc Martens boots and I actually always wear these socks all weekend long. I was once offered twenty euros by a club guest if I gave him my socks after work. I have now decided to let solvent slaves lick my sweaty socks clean after work. For a tribute, a slave can suck and lick the sweat from my feet from the weekend out of my socks. Would you also be willing and solvent enough to lick my socks clean after work at the bar?

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