After the winter walk I use my foot slave!

Miss Anastasia S.: After the winter walk I use my foot slave! Complete 23 minute session In this video you experience the complete session with my foot slave after a winter walk. The slave will lick and feel my dirty UGGs boots, my old, warm, musty socks and my sweet bare feet. I present you my dirty UGGs after a winter walk. Look at her! Would you lick the UGGs clean for me? Then I'll show you my warm, but musty-smelling socks, you'd definitely like to have them on your nose, right? You also get to see my bare sweet feet. You will love my soft little feet (size 36/37)! And now it starts: The slave will lick my UGGs boots clean, remove dust and sweat from my socks, and suck my bare feet clean intensively. I hope you are not jealous now, but that you can enjoy the scenes. I will also use the slave as a footstool and humiliate him and hit him with my feet. I will bathe my toes in his mouth and relax. After the cold I need warm toes. Later I want to have some more fun with my foot slave and I will kick his face and flatten him under my feet. He should notice how merciless and dominant my sweet little bare feet can be