Feet-Lick Dream in Pink


Queen Marie Müller: A dream of licking feet in pink! Sweet buffalo shoes, socks and hot feet! I think I'm going to fulfill my foot-cunt's foot-licking dream today. Today I'm dressed super cute and now I'm going to turn him on with my feet. I think he has a desire to lick my cute Buffalo sneakers clean. The soles are really dirty and I need a slave tongue to clean them. But I also know that he loves the dirt from my Buffalo shoes and likes to swallow the dirt. If he loves asking, he can also smell my shoes. It's hard to believe: I'm wearing cute pink socks in my Buffalo sneakers. Those lovely warm, moist, fragrant socks. I'm sure I can fuck his mouth with my socks and he licks the dust off the soles of my pink socks. But what would a great foot licking dream be without my bare feet and (surprise) my toenails are painted pink :). I'll stuff his mouth with my sweet, sweaty feet. I'll let him lick my bare salty soles clean and every toe will be sucked with a lot of passion! A TRUE FOOT LICK DREAM in PINK!