Spit on and flattened under my feet!

Queen Marie Müller: Spit on and flattened under my feet! I have my victim between my legs again. I love flattening his head with my thighs and spitting on him at the same time. My feet are barefoot in my Buffalo sneakers. I will now take off my shoes and press my sweaty feet into his face and rub my spit into his face. He can then lick the spit from my feet. So, how do hot cake and foot sweat taste together? A hot mix for all foot slaves. I want to fuck his mouth with my feet too. Yes, deep into his slave face. Stinky Buffalo sneakers and spit, spit and sweaty feet, foot pressure and ignorance. The Skave gets all of this from me. I love playing these games and I love subjugating and humiliating.