The bitch is my bathmat

Goddess Sheila: Another day with my foot bitch #5 The bitch is my bathmat. You are lucky enough to be able to accompany me and my foot bitch throughout the day. I'll show you how I deal with her and what she has to do and not do. #5: After relaxing in the morning, I want to get ready for the day in the bathroom. My slut has to be on the floor and be my living bathmat. She has to clean my feet because my feet are still unwashed. I ignore the little slut for the time being and let her lick the soles of my feet and my little toes greenish. But even the foot slob needs care. I clean her teeth with my bare feet. She no longer needs a toothbrush. My dusty feet will always clean their teeth now. haha :). You can still pay homage to me and kiss and lick my feet intensively. The nice thing is, I never have cold and dirty feet in the morning again, because I have now

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