The slave will now lick our shoes clean


Lady JoJo & Miss Anastasia: The slave will now lick our shoes clean. We’re both relaxing at the ladies house today. I, Miss Anastasia, brought my close friend with me today. We both dance regularly and professionally at parties and events. But today we have our relaxation outfit on. I’m wearing my warm UGGs boots and Lady JoJo’s slippers on my feet. The soles of our shoes are dusty and dirty. I now introduce her to the foot slave and show her that the foot slave is also good for licking our shoes clean. He will now lick my UGGs and her slippers clean intensely, also in the profiles, and he will kiss our shoes with devotion and worship us. We both have fun and I think Lady Jojo likes having a slave too. I’ll show her a lot more, but for now we have to lick our shoes clean!!