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Lady Kim: I want my human footrest to sniff my socks. The little doormat should now sniff my socks. I sat above him in my beautiful dress and I placed my big feet (shoe size 43 EU) with my scented socks on his face. I'll rub my sock scent on his face. He should also lick my socks. He has a lot to lick with such big feet. I also tell him again and again that it can only be used as a doormat, as a living doormat for my luxury feet. I film him with my cell phone while he has to lick the sweat from his feet under my socks and the dust from the floor. I can show these videos to everyone later and humiliate him. I just don't pay any attention and you wouldn't believe how brutal and heavy my big feet can be.
Lady Nisha: Now my dirty slippers and feet will be licked clean. I'm wearing a pair of my favorite slippers. The problem is that because I like the slippers so much, the soles are really dirty. The soles are actually white, only now the dirt is stuck underneath and indefinable things are stuck to my soles. It's good that there are foot slaves who will lick your slippers clean. He can even clean my insoles. As a reward, the slave can lick my bare soles and toes clean. A lot of dust has accumulated between the inner soles of my slippers and the soles of my bare feet. Everything has to be licked clean.
Queen Marie Müller: Lick my feet, socks and buffalo shoes you loser! You're not just a loser, you're a double loser. And what do double losers like you do? That's right - than get down and lick my dirty pink Buffalo sneakers. You see the dirt under your shoes, you see the worn soles? Then lick it clean and don't look at me like that. Lick the soles, lick down and up. Up and down. From now on your tongue will be called “cleaning rag”, get it?! You surely want to lick something better, right? Are you horny for dusty, stinky socks? Then you have to stick your nose into my shoes and inhale the scent deeply. Smell my socks. Can you smell where I was with my socks? Then lick my socks, maybe you can taste where I was. Haha. Suck off the sock lint, it will be your food today. Should you fuck your mouth with my socks? I work the way you want to jerk off. You're keen to jerk off. Now it's time to greet my naked feet. Kiss my feet, worship me. Then kiss the soles of your feet. Afterwards you will lick until you can't do it anymore. Suck the spaces between my toes clean and worship each of my toes. Do everything right, otherwise I'll kick you in the face. Come on, press your face into my sexy, young soles. Then tell me how much you love the smell of my feet, tell me how you love me and adore me, but don't lick my feet
Lady Nisha: After work my feet are licked and massaged with the tongue! The convenient thing about being a mistress is that you have a slave and a submissive for everything. I like working in the gym, I meet all my friends there. In the evening my favorite slippers are dirty and I let the slave lick the soles of my slippers first. I also get foot massages from others in the gym, but I love foot massages with slave tongues. I let myself lick the sweat from my soles and at the same time massage my bare soles with my tongue after a long day.
Lady Nisha: You will lick my sports feet clean. Crawl to me little loser. Right now! I'll take off my Nike sneakers and my sports socks from the gym and you'll now lick my sports feet clean. You see my strong feet, you see my soles. There is no escape for you now. You will lick lick and lick! You will stick your tongue between my toes and suck it all out. My feet should be clean in a few minutes. If you're lucky, I'll fuck you, but I'll use my foot!
Queen Marie Müller: Spit on and flattened under my feet! I have my victim between my legs again. I love flattening his head with my thighs and spitting on him at the same time. My feet are barefoot in my Buffalo sneakers. I will now take off my shoes and press my sweaty feet into his face and rub my spit into his face. He can then lick the spit from my feet. So, how do hot cake and foot sweat taste together? A hot mix for all foot slaves. I want to fuck his mouth with my feet too. Yes, deep into his slave face. Stinky Buffalo sneakers and spit, spit and sweaty feet, foot pressure and ignorance. The Skave gets all of this from me. I love playing these games and I love subjugating and humiliating.