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I am your princess and I will relax on the terrace today. Of course you will spoil my feet here too. You’ll smell and lick my funny, dusty and stinky socks first. Then you will refresh my bare feet with your tongue. Lick it and

Well, are you keen on my old slippers, or are you horny for my bare feet with the painted toenails. Do you like the pink painted toenails? I wore my slippers for 5 years, you can see my footprints on the insoles. The insole is

You little loser will lick dirty feet today! Miss Lilly will smoke another cigarette and then go down to her feetand lick. Clean her sexy, dirty feet with your worthless tongue. Your tongue is once against the washcloths for the feet of the lady. You

Today you meet Miss Leehanna for a footfetish date.  After meeting her near the Ladies House , she allows you to worship her bare feet. She wants you to suck each of her toes and to clean her soles with your worthless tongue.  

Miss Serena feeds her slaves today with marshmallow mice and the filth of her feet and foot sweat. The mistress packs the sweets under her soles, in her socks. In addition, she packs marshmallow mice in her stinky, old sneakers. Then the pretty mistress goes for a

Meet Miss Serena for a footfetish date Your big day has come. You meet Miss Serena for a foot fetish date. Of course, you pick her up with your car and you drive to the Lady House. In the Lady House, Miss Serena then says what