The loser on a leash has to lick my disgusting sports socks!

by femdomsquadpublished on 17. Dezember 2023

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Miss Alessa Milano: I love intense face trampling. Since I can't hear the moans and wailing below me, I love feeling the reactions of my trampling victims even more. That's why I like to step on a slave's face with my dominant feet and notice under my bare soles how he squirms and how he breathes and his reaction. Facial trampling is the most intense type of trampling. For me, because it is an absolute humiliation for the living carpet and for him, because all stimuli are served: the foot pressure, the weight, the view of my feet and the smell of my feet. What could be nicer for both sides?! I love face trampling!
Lady Jessica: I read in him that he wants to lick my feet. I am a dominatrix, but not a normal dominatrix. I read my slaves because I have psychological training and I use this in my sessions. Some slaves are very easy to read, like today. This slave is just crazy about my bare, large and tender feet. He goes crazy when he sees my soft soles. He wants to kiss and lick her. After this long train ride, mine are slightly damp and slightly sweaty. Now I let him lick my feet and we are both happy.
Lady Nisha: My old slippers are dirty. Come on, lick her clean! Hey, listen to me! Your job here is to keep my apartment clean and to pamper me. Now look at the floor. Do you see that? Even my old slippers are dirty. Dirt sticks under the soles and even the musty insoles are dusty. The consequences for you: You will now first take care of my old slippers before I send you back to the kitchen. You will lick my slippers clean and you will even clean the insoles with your tongue. You will lick everything while I relax. Come on, foot cleaner... LICK for your life!
Queen Marie Müller: I love stepping on his face barefoot. I love trampling on my slaves, especially with bare feet. I have the most feeling under my bare soles and I feel every movement and every breath from my human carpet. I will now enjoy trampling on his face and notice how his face is being crushed under my soles. Watch the session from different views.
Lady Nisha: He, my living doormat, now has to lick my feet clean! The only job he had this morning was to clean the kitchen and keep the hallway clean. And as almost always, it failed and I discovered that the floor was still dirty. My slippers and my socks have become dirty, as if I can of course clean my feet on my house slave, or he has to lick my slippers and dirty socks clean. I rub my soles hard over his face and tongue and watch as his tongue becomes red and dirty. Come on, slave, suck my feet clean. But that's not all: Since he's already lying at my feet as a doormat, he can also suck my bare feet clean. He can lick the sweat from between my toes and massage the soles of my bare feet with his tongue. Look at it. This is what happens to my house slaves.
Queen Marie Müller: I don't give him a chance to breathe under my socks. I'm going to sm*** my foot victim under my socks today. I take off my hot Buffalo sneakers and he can smell my shoes first. Then I press my musty and warm socks on his face and don't give him a chance to breathe. I'm going to tease him and I'm going to dominate him, I'm going to finish him off. My socks are like a ***.