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Goddess Sheila: I have something particularly tasty for you here: My dirty high heels. The dirt of the clubs, puddles and the women's toilet sticks to the soles. You will lick it clean with your worthless slave tongue. Out with the rag! Lick it clean!

Miss Kitten & Princess Alena: We are showing our foot slave his place today. He has to get on his knees in front of us and kiss our boots and high heels as a greeting. We are two adorable fetish princesses and it is an

Sweet gothic Mistress Miss Elsi wants you to get on your knees and to adore her black gothic heels. She wants you to lick the top her shoes and to clean the bottom of her shoes with your worthless tongue . Well you be a

It’s about time that Lady Leehanna uses her foot slave. She wears her very sexy red high heels today. Of course, the slave must first kiss her shoes and worship Lady Leehanna. Then he can take off her high heels and Miss Leehanna lets her

The foot slave, the human footstool gets today Lilly’s sweaty, bare feet in the face. Miss Lilly takes off her socks and presses her bare soles onto the slave’s face. She smothers him under her sexy feet. She plays with him, she lets her feet