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Miss Maria J: I'm rubbing my pussy on his face again! I'm wearing my shiny black fetish underwear. This lingerie is very close to my skin and I feel everything! I now sit down hard on the slave's face again and ride his face. I love riding faces and stimulating myself in the process. The slave can't breathe anymore? I do not care about that! The main thing is that I have fun. Oh yes, I forgot that his face fits perfectly in my ass too. Let's go! I press my ass firmly into his face and his nose fits my asshole perfectly.
Goddess Sheila: The foot bitch can beg and suck my bare feet. The foot bitch is still begging that she can order the sneakers. The little bitch is crawling on the floor in front of me, leashed like a pet. To get my approval she has to suck my toes and lick my foot. She gets to suck my heel and I want to fuck her hungry mouth with my foot like my foot is a hard cock. The little slut does everything for me and tries to please me and get my approval. I think I'll let you crawl and lick for a while! Watch the little bitch beg and suck my feet.
Queen Marie Müller: My private foot video from the hotel lobby A friend filmed me with her cell phone in the hotel lobby, as I was waiting for a slave who was about to pamper my bare feet. I'm sitting barefoot in the lobby and one of these objects I'm looking at is about to suck my toes :)
Sexy Jeans facesitting and more Princess Serena: I have a new toy again. The head of my slave is mistreated and used by me. I sit down hard on his slave's face and reduce his breath. I play with his breathing and I feel how he suffers from my ass. I kick his head and play with him like a soccer ball. Then he gets my nice jeans ass on his face again. A really hot facesitting session. It's like riding my slave's face and letting him suffer under me and my weight.
Lady Sümeyra: I feel like an oriental queen. I'm sitting on my throne in a sexy dress and wearing my jewellery, rings, anklets and more. At my feet a human footrest. I feel like an oriental queen. I place my feet on a slave's face and enjoy my position. I get my feet licked and play with my slave toy under my feet. I let him feel my power and enjoy having a foot slave as an oriental queen.s.
Princess Serena: Eat my cornea and lick the corneal rasp. There are Fresschen slave! Come crawl to me and you will have your lunch. I use the corneal rasp to rasp the cornea off my toes and heel. The slave will eat the cornea and enjoy it. Lie on your back slave and open your mouth wide so that my corneal rasps fall right into your mouth. How does my cornea actually decorate? Salty? Do you want to take a little more callus from me as a spice for your dinner slave? haha :) What else ends up in the toilet, now falls into the mouth of my foot slave. In the end I see my cornea spread all over his face, haha. He can lick the rest off my feet.