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Sexy asian Mistress Vanny loves to sit on a slave face. She love to feel him suffer under her ass an pussy. She loves to smother him and to control his breathing. She humiliates him and for him its a honor to become a personal

Cute, dominant Miss Serena dominates and tramples the worthless slave and living floor under her dirty sneakers. She jumps on him and tramples his face … she walks on him and kicks his face under the very dirty soles of her old sneakers. She does

Gothic Goddess Lady Absinthia loves to watch guys licking her feet. She removes her boots and orders the footslave to lick and sniff her black sweaty socks , before he is ordered to lick her bare smelly feet over and over. She wants him to

The foot slave, the human footstool gets today Lilly’s sweaty, bare feet in the face. Miss Lilly takes off her socks and presses her bare soles onto the slave’s face. She smothers him under her sexy feet. She plays with him, she lets her feet