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  Miss Elsi: The slave licks my house socks clean. Dirt, dust and everything that stuck to the floor is on and under my house socks. The foot slave should now lick my house socks clean. He is allowed to nibble and lick everything from my socks

Miss Elsi: Lick my boots clean! The slave has the honor of licking one of my favorite pairs of boots clean today. He can kneel in front of the couch and stick his tongue out. The large profile of my handle needs cleaning. The dust needs

Miss Elsi Spring: You will go to the end of the bed and spoil my feet. If you’re lucky, I’ll take off my socks and you can spoil and worship my bare feet. I’ll ignore you in time and chat with my girlfriend. Woe you

I show the slave his place today. His place is under my feet. With pleasure I press my bare feet into his face. He needs that foot pressure, I think he’s addicted to the foot pressure. I give him what he needs and I enjoy

Men only get my foot in their slave face. I only feel love for my cute cat. You, little loser, may crawl in front of me! [eltdf_button size="huge" type="solid" text="More of Miss Elsi " custom_class="" icon_pack="font-awesome" fa_icon="" link="https://femdomsquad.com/squad/squad-miss-elsi-spring/" target="_self" color="" hover_color="" background_color="" hover_background_color="" border_color="" hover_border_color="" font_size=""

I heard that you like to be a living bath mat. You love it when you are used like a carpet and ignored. Lie on the floor in the bathroom and I’ll crush you under my feet. I pressed my sweaty feet directly into your

Miss Elsi Spring removes her gothic heels and stomps your face under her bare feet. Look up loser, look what’s coming down on your face. Her sexy, moist soles right on your face!! She presses hard on your face and tramples you. She twists your

Miss Elsi Spring removes her shoes and presses her bare, moist feet on her slaves mouth and nose. She mothers him underwear bare feet. For her he is only a toy and a human footstool. Her sexy , cute feet cover the face of the