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The foot slave, the human footstool gets today Lilly’s sweaty, bare feet in the face. Miss Lilly takes off her socks and presses her bare soles onto the slave’s face. She smothers him under her sexy feet. She plays with him, she lets her feet

Miss Lilly: The miserable slave has to lick Miss Lilly’s spit off her feet again today and she spits directly into his face. She rubs her spit on his face and she wants the slave to swallow her spit. The slave has to lick her spit

Are you hot for sweaty socks? Are you a fan of a hot lady pressing her stinky feet into your face? Miss Lilly lets her slaves take off her clean licked sneakers and spoil her damp, stinky socks. He should push his slave  nose deep

Miss Lilly uses her foot slave as a living footrest. After visiting a friend, she takes off her shoes and presses her stinky socks into his face. He has to inhale her foot sweat while Lilly ignores her slave and chats with her friend. Miss

Today you will be kicked flat under Lilly’s feet. She takes off her sweaty socks in front of your eyes and lifts her bare, wet soles over your useless face. She kicks her bare feet and will destroy you under her feet. She laughs at

Miss Lilly tramples her slave flat today and stimulates him with her bare feet. She tramples on his face and touches his balls with her bare toes. She stands on his face with full weight and makes him suffer. Slaves are just living carpets for

Sweet Miss Lilly relaxes on the bed and all HE wants is to sniff an lick her feet. He sneaks to her bed and starts cleaning the soles of her nike sneakers and to sniff inside her shoes. Then he starts licking the sweat off