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Queen Marie Müller: You will simply adore my feet. I'm a real street queen and think you're something better? You are a creep and after my instructions and after my session with you, you will adore my feet and be addicted to them. You will first kiss my golden Buffalo sneakers and lick the soles of my shoes. Gold for the queen, street dirt for you! In the Buffalo sneakers I wear socks that are worn extra long for you. This mix of foot sweat, dust, dirt and hair on your socks is a perfect meal for you. Suck the socks clean and I'll let you touch my bare feet. My bare feet are the only thing you will touch about me. Your existence is limited from the soles of my feet to my ankles. This will be your free running area. Not more. And now worship me, adore me and submit!
Queen Marie Müller. There is no escape from my smelly socks. I always have these really smelly socks after long trips because I like wearing these chunky Buffalo sneakers. My feet sweat quickly and my socks have this extreme smell. Today I will squeeze the slave into my socks and won't let him escape again. I tape his mouth shut and first let him smell my socks in different positions. I press his face into my soles and enjoy it. Of course he also has to lick my socks. The best way to do this is to sit on his head and have him lick my socks at the same time.
Lady Nisha: The loser can now smell and lick my feet. I was walking around the city for a long time today and my feet are almost steaming. The loser can now reach for my bare feet and breathe in Lady Nisha's foot scent. If he is good and worships my feet like a humble slave, then he can also lick my feet or lick them clean. He can also suck my hot pussy and I want to fuck his slave mouth with my bare feet. It's always so nice to subjugate new losers and see how greedily they want to suck my feet.
Queen Marie Müller: I let the loser lick and smell my feet. The little loser on the floor is allowed to kiss my socks before I get him to lick and smell my bare feet. I stuff my socks into his mouth and he starts to smell my bare, sweaty soles. I press his face into my feet and he can't help but smell and inhale my feet. Of course I will also make him lick my bare feet. I just sit on his chair and his face is automatically pressed into my feet. There is no escape from that.
Goddess Tracy: After working at the bar my feet are licked clean. At the weekend I work out at the bar in a techno bar and after the night shift my feet and socks are damp and fragrant. Today I got the offer to have a foot slave lick my bare, sweaty feet clean after the night shift in the bar. I have my work socks taken off and then my feet are intensively licked clean, each toe is sucked thoroughly and my heel, which has a slight callus, is sucked with passion. I want to have my feet licked soft after work.
Princess Serena: Every mistress needs a human seat cushion. It's so cool to ride a slave face. I like to sit on his face when I'm wearing panties, then I can feel his face and his nose on my pussy. Then I ride off and it gives me enormous satisfaction. I rub my puss on his face and have a lot of fun. Then I push his nose up my ass. He can inhale the smell of my ass and my buttocks press his nose flat. He can't breathe and his gasp makes me really wild and my dominance becomes even stronger. Facesitting with air reduction is a pleasure for every mistress.