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Princess Serena: Lick and sniff my dirty, smelly sneakers. The leashed slave has to reach out to me on all fours

Goddess Sheila: I’ll show you how you are treated in my world. I, as your goddess, sit on the throne

Goddess Sheila unses her new footslave under her bare feet as a human footrest and foot cleaner.  

Lady Bitch Tracy: Here are my first tasks for you you little foot-dog: You will lick my old Gucci slippers.

Goddess Sheila: I want you, loser, to sniff and lick my dusty fuzzy socks!    

Sweet Miss Ivy shows off her bare feet size 38 A likeable, young lady with particularly beautiful long legs. Miss Ivy

The sexy Goddess Sheila wants you to clean her favorite Pleaser High Heels with your tongue  

On a hot day, Miss Serena smothers the footslave under her stinky bare feet .  

Miss Serena wants the slave to worship her sexy high heels. He's to go on his knees and to kiss

Miss Kitten and Princess Alena have a new footslave and he is allowed to worship their bare feet. They have

Miss Alena dominates him under her sexy big feet . She presses her bare feet hard on his face !

Dominant 22 yo miss Kitten dominates him under her bare feet. Fantastic victory poses.  

The worthless slave has to worship Miss Elsi´s dirty gothic boots. He has to lick and clean her dirty soles.

Sporty Miss Leehanna wants the footslave to worship her dirty ballet flats and her sweaty bare feet.  

Sweet Mistress Marinka uses her sexy feet to smother the guy. She presses her feet on his mouth and nose

I press my bare feet hard on the victim's face. This will be your place in the future: under my

Miss Leehanna presses her smelly socks hard on the victims face      

Sweet Miss Nadda A. shows off her sweet little feet and house shoes size 34 EU. What sweet, sweaty feet.  

Miss Serena sits on her throne and smothers her slave under her bare feet  

Miss Serena wants you to worship her sweaty sneakers and her moist, black socks

Miss Elsi Spring shows him where his place is: under her feet. Elsi Spring loves to push her bare feet

Miss Elsi Spring wants you to worship her old ballet flats  

After worship Serenas pink Sneakers, the goddess allows him to kiss and lick her bare feet.  

On your knees slave and lick Miss Serenas sexy boots  

Sweet Miss Serena wants her slave to worship her dirty , bare feet. Part      

Miss Vanny wants you to worship her dirty feet. Get on your knees and lick her feet clean.  

Miss Leehanna shows off her well worn flip flops for you. She also wants you to lick her soles. The

Miss Vanny smothers her slave under her sexy ass  

Miss Serena wants you to lick her filthy bare soles  

The worthless slave has to worship and to smell the stinky and dirty socks of Miss Serena.  

The gothic queen Lady Absinthia wants you to worship her sexy boots and her goddess like, bare feet.  

The asian goddess Miss Vanny shows off her bare, sweaty feet for you. She wants you to worship her bare

  Miss Vanny wants the leave to worship her black high heels.    

  Miss Serena pins the guy on the floor with a sexy schoolgirl pin.    

  Miss Serenas dominant victory poses. The humiliates the victim under her bare soles.      

  Miss Serena forces the footslave to worship her sweaty, bare feet.    

  Miss Serena shows off her sexy , dirty feet / shoe size 38,5 eu  

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